The 10 Best Movies About Collective Madness

The Witch

From its origins, cinema started to discover the interest of portraying group behavior on screen, either for choreographic reasons or for the narrative perks of exploring mass behavior; similarly, the theme of madness has been one of the most solid backbones of cinematic narrative in the short lifespan of cinema, an art form that was […]

15 Poetic Films About Mundane Subjects

Cinema can take people to the moon, re-enact gigantic battles, and take the audience to magical lands and universes. Georges Meliès, Jean Cocteau, films like “The Thief of Baghdad” and “Battleship Potemkin” are prime examples of monumental qualities of cinema, with the world building that takes place on the titanic screen. But the films of […]

10 Unconventional Films That Display an Inhuman Cinematic Eye

Is it possible for a person to not only filter his thoughts through a film, but also to manage something that is “other” from him, unexplainable through the conventional notions of meaning and sense that are common to society? To do the impossible and escape the cages of human perspective and achieve a point of […]

The 15 Most Memorable Songs Used In Jim Jarmusch Movies

songs in Jarmusch movies

Jim Jarmusch, an avid music listener, has always paid great attention to the soundtracks of his films. Unlike most American directors, the musical genres he implemented the most were psychedelia and drone music, along with a great affection for American black music. His soundtracks create a dreamy and ethereal but also nostalgic atmosphere that haunts […]

15 Great Movies That Use Architecture Brilliantly

Red Desert

Cinema and architecture have always had a special relationship, because of the way in which they explore ideas using the dimension of space. Architecture in cinema can carry numerous symbolisms, and urban alienation can be the stage in which the action takes place, or be the main protagonist in silent but highly meaningful sequences. Architecture, […]