10 Famous Movies With Hidden Feminist Messages


What constitutes a feminist film? While a number of movies have been described as having underlying feminist messages, there is no set definition, no easy way to identify whether or not a movie lives up to associated philosophical ideals (the staid statistical analysis of the Bechdel test notwithstanding). However, some movies take an indirect route […]

Top 10 Movie Feuds of All Time


Movie-making is a grueling experience under the best of circumstances. Even those productions that go off without a hitch entail hours upon hours of hard work from everyone on board, from the upper-echelon A-lister to the lowly (but essential) craft services guy. So as you can imagine, tempers often flare on-set, with sometimes hilarious results. […]

The 10 Most Disturbing Movies Based on Real Events


It seems like virtually every movie these days come with the ominous “based on true events” tag line. While this pronouncement should usually be met with a grain of salt, dramatizations of real occurrences can still serve to be effective, especially when they are based on events that diverge from the range of acceptable human […]

10 Great Movies You Should Never Watch On A Date

emotional draining movies

Taking a date to a movie can ultimately be a dicey proposition. Big fan of goofball comedies? Well obviously you lack intellectual depth. Proponent of sappy romances that always end happily ever after? In this case you most likely have a massive stuffed animal collection and wedding wish-box based on your Pinterest feed. Using this […]