The 20 Best Movies Distributed By A24

2017 was an exceptionally strong year for films, particularly smaller budget, limited releases. Being an independent film studio has never been an easy task when production companies such as Paramount or Fox Searchlight and their endless access to cash have a stranglehold on the market. There have been few stars, however, that have shone so […]

The 15 Best Horror Movies of The 1970s


There are a multitude of reasons the 1970s were the last Golden Age of Cinema. Restrictions on language, content, nudity, and violent subject matter had loosened and The Movie Brats (De Palma, Scorsese, Sayles, etc.) where free to experiment. As studios began to move into large budget blockbusters and more stylized productions, deeply personal films […]

Filmmaker Retrospective: The Realistic Cinema of The Dardenne Brothers

Two Days, One Night

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne have proven themselves to be a formidable pair within the world of cinema. Few directors and producers can depict a day in the life of people who are living on the outskirts as deftly as the Dardennes. The brothers are originally from Belgium. Their hallmark style focuses on individuals who are […]

20 Great Mumblecore Movies Every Indie Lover Should See


Mumblecore as a genre is not particularly difficult to define. Primarily you have a small, intimate cast of characters, low budget production, in a film that relies heavily on dialogue to tell the story without the use of gimmicky plot devices or a great deal of action. Typically, the casts are not professional actors or […]

20 Movies To Watch If You Are Dating A Tech Geek

Ex Machina

Our growing fascination with technology has spawned a plethora of films highlighting a variety of sci-fi gadgets and futuristic technology that we can only dream of. Many ideas presented in tech films from decades past have come to fruition (especially in telecommunications). As our technology grows in its complexity, so have these films grown in […]