15 Great Movies About Police Corruption That Are Worth Watching

Norman Stansfield (Leon The Professional)

The thin blue line has been featured time and time again throughout cinema history. From hardboiled detective thrillers to intense character studies, corrupt police officers have been a fixture in movies. Sometimes we may root for the hero, the Boy Scout, the white knight who swoops in to clean up the crooked police department but […]

The 15 Scariest Horror Movies Featuring Creepy Kids


There are few things creepier than horror movies that involve children. Whether it’s standard jump scares or hair-raising tales of Gothic horror, the mere imagery of children in these movies are terrifying. The presumed innocence of children usually adds to the feeling of dread one feels while watching these films. The idea that either a […]

25 Great Psychosexual Thrillers That Are Worth Your Time


Some of the best films push us to our limits and challenge our preconceived notions of sexual norms and mores. They go beyond the typical boy-meets-girl trope and delve into deep-seated, complex, Freudian narratives of sexual identity. Part of enjoying a drama or thriller is deconstructing what motivates the main characters to make the choices […]