The 20 Most Cinematic Television Episodes of All Time

true detective

Some might consider putting the words “cinematic” and “television” together in one sentence a heresy. How could a medium largely confined to entertaining an audience that never wants to be challenged, be compared to what is one of the greatest art forms of our generation? How can its fragmented, disjointed, recklessly infantile structuring ever come […]

10 Great Movies That Are Extremely Hard To Watch

Cinema in its early days was intended, mostly, to please. Its spectacular mix of sound and images was considered the most radical invention in the field of entertainment. Yes, early filmmakers like Sergei Eisenstein took it upon themselves to craft films that were not only depictions of real-life pain and joy, making the cinematic endeavour […]

10 Reasons Why Paul Thomas Anderson Is The Greatest Filmmaker Of Our Generation

Paul Thomas Anderson: 'As a film-maker, you have to convince people to follow your madness'

Frogs falling out of the black night sky. An oil well owned by a man possessed by greed blowing up. A drug-infused investigative endeavour. Two men fighting in a garden, rolling around on the grass – in love or repulsion? Dissecting the emotion that drives the characters or the storyteller in a Paul Thomas Anderson […]

10 Reasons Why “The Beguiled” Is Sofia Coppola’s Best Film So Far

All through Sofia Coppola’s delicately poised filmography, there runs an undercurrent of a desire to dissect female isolation in all its understated, fiery angles. There is gloriousness in her characters living in their own world, staring out windows, looking at a world that would work without any irregularity if it were devoid of them and […]