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Daily Archives: June 10, 2016

Science fiction is a genre that has produced many innovative and classic film scores. From the introduction of the theremin, to startling orchestration, the analogue synth soundtracks of the 70’s and the electronica of recent years, Sci-Fi has it all. Of course this is a very subjective topic for soundtrack aficionados and I have left out John Williams’ incredible Star… Read more »

10 June 2016 | Features, Other Lists

The 1970s is arguably the most recent period of cinematic achievement. Vision-led, technically adept direction was of course a significant contributing factor to this, but it would be amiss to ignore the impact that actors had in creating holistically great films. Not only were the actors of this period gifted and talented, but their dedication to the craft itself was… Read more »

10 June 2016 | Features, People Lists

Can you believe 2017 will be the 25th anniversary of “Reservoir Dogs”? Few recent filmmakers have had the impact as Tarantino, basically rewriting the way stories can be told with dialogue that can be described as a “verbal rollercoaster”. His words have the ability to make us laugh, cry, appalled, gasp, cringe in our seats and say to ourselves or… Read more »

10 June 2016 | Features, Other Lists

Ever since its birth, cinema has kept itself alive and relevant by constantly reaching for innovation, both in its storytelling capacity and its technical aspects. Producers, directors and filmmakers of every sort have always asked themselves “What else can be used?”, and “How can we use it differently?”. This way, cinema has evolved while still keeping the same basic essence… Read more »

10 June 2016 | Features, Other Lists