An Exclusive Interview with Stanley Kubrick’s Executive Producer Jan Harlan

jan harlan

On the way to Brighton MovieBar , where my short film Janet Devis was screening, I had a chance to have a quick interview with Stanley Kubrick’s long-term Executive Producer, brother in-law and close friend, Jan Harlan, for Taste Of Cinema. Jan was speaking at the event and showing some short-films. Taste Of Cinema (TOC): […]

The 20 Best Sci-fi Movie Soundtracks of All Time

Science fiction is a genre that has produced many innovative and classic film scores. From the introduction of the theremin, to startling orchestration, the analogue synth soundtracks of the 70’s and the electronica of recent years, Sci-Fi has it all. Of course this is a very subjective topic for soundtrack aficionados and I have left […]