10 Underrated American Movie Masterpieces of The 1980s

At Taste of Cinema we’ll be the first to admit that the term “masterpiece” gets tossed around more than a frisbee at the beach in July, often designated to films that are very of-the-moment but lack any kind of longevity or lasting resonance (this explains how high-profile Oscar winners like Forrest Gump, Crash and Green […]

10 Late-Career Movie Masterpieces By Legendary Directors

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It’s common wisdom that a director’s best work happens midway through their career, when they’ve left behind youthful insecurities and mistakes, honed in their craft, and matured their style. It’s such a widespread belief that Quentin Tarantino claims his reason for retiring after just one more movie is precisely because he thinks late work, even […]

10 Great Western Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

Westerns have been around since the beginning and earned their place at the heart of the movie culture and American iconography for decades. And through all this time, many people started to love watching those cowboys on horses with revolvers, tough guys, good vs. evil as well as those beautiful landscapes. During the Golden Age […]