The 10 Most Underrated Neo-Noir Films of The 1980s

Neo-noir elements stayed relevant throughout the 1980s. It was everywhere from Brian De Palma’s mystery thrillers to Mamet’s “House of Games.” Even the decade took its start with Paul Schrader’s “American Gigolo,” John Cassavettes’ “Gloria” and Louis Malle’s “Atlantic City,” and they all had very rich noir traditions. As typical with the other two lists, […]

10 Great 1990s Neo-Noir Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

The 1990s was actually somewhat of a great decade for neo-noir films with sultry femme fatales, hapless everyman heroes, corrupt cops, convoluted plots, and everything else that you keep associating with these kinds of movies. The rise of the neo-noir in the previous decade coincided with the continued popularity of the erotic thriller, which is […]

The 10 Most Underrated Neo-Noir Films of The 2000s

We can’t stop loving film noirs, because we can’t get enough of psychological crime thriller dramas with a distinctive tone and style. Neo-noir is a revival of the genre of film noir; the term itself was popularized in 1955 by French critics Raymond Borde and Etienne Chaumeton. Neo-noir is basically an updated version of those […]

10 Great War Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

War films not only show us the hell of war, but they also often explore themes such as survival, sacrifice, friendship and alliance, the effects of war on society, the traumas it causes, PTSD, and many other moral, political, and social issues. Sometimes they’re full of excitement and more heavy on the technical side in […]

The 10 Best Joel Schumacher Movies

Joel Schumacher was, among many things, a versatile director. The man has made a war film, a vampire classic, romantic comedies, teen dramas, courtroom movies, a musical, a biography, an action film, and so on. He was a journeyman director who always explored different genres and didn’t mind tackling almost controversial, unusual themes for Hollywood […]