All 9 Martin Scorsese And Robert De Niro Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Whether it’s John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Mario and Luigi, or bacon and eggs, it takes two to make a thing go right. Sure, Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro have made a wealth of great movies without one another, and even if you removed their iconic collaborations from the annals of history, they’d still […]

All 22 David Cronenberg Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

David Cronenberg has been the mastermind behind some of the most iconic horror films to ever grace the silver screen. Over his long career, he’s thoroughly examined the extremities and repulsive nature of the human body, cribbing from high and low genre tropes to probe how it reacts to mutation, sickness and science against the […]

All 6 Lee Chang-dong Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

When it comes to South Korean cinema, chances are you’ve heard the names of Bong Joon-ho and Park Chan-wook ad infinitum. If you are looking for essential Korean recommendations, you will probably stumble upon lists with the same hyper-violent thrillers, from Memories of Murder to Oldboy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as they […]

10 Great Thriller Movies Favored By David Cronenberg

If there’s something that David Cronenberg truly excels at, it’s freaking out the audience with the kind of creepy, disgusting imagery that sends chills down your spine and etches in your mind for long after the credits roll. Whether it’s the bug typewriters of ‘Naked Lunch’, the head-bursting explosions of ‘Scanners’, the teeth-bulleted guns of […]