All 5 Martin McDonagh Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

“All my work shares a balance between black comedy and sad, despairing melancholy.” – Martin McDonagh. London Irishman Martin McDonagh began his career in the mid-‘90s as a playwright – an enfant terrible of the inflammatory ‘In-yer-face theatre’ movement. His blood-spattered dramas, such as The Beauty Queen of Leenane, are chiefly set on or off […]

10 Great Sci-Fi Films Favored By James Cameron

Science fiction has always asked great and profound questions: What is it to be human? Are we alone in the cosmos? Are we doomed or destined for greatness? Many talented directors have grappled with the human condition, speculated on what the near future might look like, and crafted cautionary tales that reflect the technological advances […]

10 Great Thriller Movies Favored By Rian Johnson

No director feels better tuned into the wavelengths of modern discourse than Rian Johnson; a cinematic provocateur who’s carved a perfect niche for himself by juggling high art and pulp pleasures almost in equal measure. Make no mistake: “The Last Jedi” and “Looper” might have cemented his reputation as a solid craftsman capable of handling […]

All 6 Rian Johnson Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Love or hate the man, if there’s something undeniable about Rian Johnson’s work is that it never leaves anyone indifferent. Few working directors, if any at all, spark as much rarefied passions and uproar among moviegoers on such a consistent basis. Long before helming ‘Breaking Bad’ episodes and taking the reins on Disney’s marquee cinematic […]

10 Classic Sci-fi Films You May Have Never Seen

There are few things a hardcore sci-fi fan enjoys more than discovery. What a joy to discover a film that has lived under the radar that is smart, provocative, surprising, innovative, and entertaining. Each of these films are must-sees for the serious sci-fi fan looking for something fascinating.   1. The Day the Earth Caught […]