10 Great Movies To Watch If You Liked “The Lighthouse”

Remember the year 2019? Drake’s song, “Kiki, Do You Love Me,” although released a year prior, was still a bop. The entire planet Earth became enamored with Earth’s mightiest heroes through the blockbuster hit “Avengers: Endgame.” It was an innocent world without the coronavirus, without endless amounts of masks and social isolation. In the last […]

All 12 Gamera Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

In a storied cinematic career spanning 56 years, Gamera the Giant Turtle has served as the testudial Guardian of the Universe and a Friend of All Children. He’s fought beasts like Barugon, Zigra, Gyaos, Guiron and saved the world from annihilation several times over. He also, unfortunately, endures a somewhat niche place in the popular […]