7 Reasons Why “The Neon Demon” Is A Huge Disappointment

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Nicholas Winding Refn is a director with a very fixed vision. Some people will inevitably be in awe of it. Others may reject it as ‘style over substance’. Refn’s most recent film, The Neon Demon, is an attempted examination of the modelling scene in L.A. While this has certainly been done before, Refn calls upon […]

7 Reasons Why “The Neon Demon” Is A Great Cinematic Accomplishment

The Neon Demon

For a film to be a great accomplishment, vision is required. Also, the transposition of vision to an artistic form must be adequate. Nicolas Winding Refn succeeds in both aspects in his “The Neon Demon”. The film follows a teenage model on the rise in the world of fashion. The idea is nothing new, it […]