10 Movie Masterpieces That Need To Be Rediscovered

The word masterpiece is thrown around mercilessly these days and a lot of pictures that don’t really amount to the actual standards of quality get labeled masterpieces by generous critics and unknowledgable audiences. Truth to be told, the definition of the word is not completely defined, nor is it universally agreed upon by film buffs […]

10 Late-Career Movie Masterpieces By Legendary Directors

Certified Copy

It’s common wisdom that a director’s best work happens midway through their career, when they’ve left behind youthful insecurities and mistakes, honed in their craft, and matured their style. It’s such a widespread belief that Quentin Tarantino claims his reason for retiring after just one more movie is precisely because he thinks late work, even […]

10 Movie Masterpieces That Were Booed or Walked Out On

Jamie Bell in Nymphomaniac II

As a sort of sister list to the earlier published “10 Great Horror Movies that Were Booed or Walked Out On”, the following non-horror movies also received an intense negative response from audiences. Ranging from graphic content to just finding the movie boring, there are many reasons why people choose to boo or walk out […]

10 Movie Masterpieces You’ve Probably Never Seen

On the Silver Globe

To the serious cineaste there’s something much more satisfying about quirky, cult oddities that were always intended for niche markets with very little chance of ever attaining mass appeal. The arthouse film, often the product of auteur filmmakers or non-traditional genre directors looking for more cerebral experiences and often transgressive tales deemed too avant-garde or […]