10 Great Sci-fi Films Favored By Christopher Nolan

In an industry dominated by risk-averse studios and soulless sequels, where almost every other auteur has been relegated to straight-to-streaming releases, Christopher Nolan is the closest thing to a superstar there is left in the business, a dying breed of auteurs who can still get away with demanding gargantuan budgets and full creative freedom to […]

15 Great Sci-fi Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

“This system make of us slaves. Without dignity. Without depth. Movies… have heart. BOOM BOOM BOOM! Have mind! CwhiRRR! Have power, have ambition!” – Alejandro Jodorowsky Most people’s lives are defined by their secrets: drama, tragedies, and the most intimate moments, experiences locked in the depths of the experiencer’s heart, theirs to own forever. Movies […]

10 Great Sci-fi Films You Might Have Never Seen

Science-fiction is a broad genre. It gives filmmakers the room to think and work with unique concepts and ideas, because the idea of the future opens up almost all possibilities. It also creates opportunities to explore the human condition, and leaves room for questions about such profound topics as the meaning of life, consciousness, what […]

10 Great Sci-fi Films You May Have Never Seen

The science fiction genre has always flourished throughout the history of cinema, capturing the imagination and commanding impressive box office receipts along the way. But not all great SF has been widely seen, become a large-scale franchise, or been a big “event film” with A-list stars. Some get released and lost in the shuffle or […]