10 Great Comedy Movies Favored By Woody Allen

Comedy has been around for almost as long as entertainment itself. Equally valuable as a form of escapism in times of hardship as a weapon of activism and social awareness, comedy has continuously retooled and adapted to mirror the sensibilities and concerns of its time. From Chaplin and Keaton, Hawks and Sturges to Wilder and […]

10 Great Comedy Movies Recommended By Edgar Wright


With theaters still closed in many places, that incredible Empire issue highlighting the cinema-going experiences of some of Hollywood’s best is still fresh on our minds. Recently a list of horror films recommended by Edgar Wright was posted in honor of it, but naturally we couldn’t stop there. On Wright’s list of 1,000 favorites alone, […]

10 Great Comedy Movies With Witty Humor

Films can sometimes be described as witty or  having great wit, but what exactly does that mean? Utilizing comedy, witty humor is smart, fast, comedic verbosity that delves into the character’s psyche and personality to enhance the scene. In other words, not just dazzling dialogue or quick exchanges but showing the intellect, clever, funny and […]