5 Reasons Why “Alien: Covenant” is 2017’s Most Disappointing Film (So Far)

This summer has been an embarrassment of riches for Hollywood film franchises. While The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Transformers: The Last Knight stood out desperate and exhausted, one in particular, Alien: Covenant, directed by visionary Ridley Scott, proved to be this summer’s disappointment. Now, the Alien franchise helmed […]

5 Reasons Why “Alien: Covenant” Will Redeem “Prometheus”

It’s not uncommon to see “Prometheus” on the list of the biggest cinematic disappointments, and for a very good reason. It had everything going for it, all signs pointed to something special, and it was an origin story of the classic Xenomorph creature, directed by the man who introduced us to this creature two decades […]