10 Cult Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

Over time, I’ve begun to get extremely bored with modern blockbusters. I’m tired of being told that I should care about the next Marvel, the next cinematic universe, or another pointless live-action remake of a Disney classic. I’m tired of the business-politics involved, knowing that certain movies were altered in order to appeal to the […]

10 Great Serial Killer Movies Most People Didn’t See

I’ll begin by saying something completely controversial that I’m sure will anger a lot of readers: even though I have a personal morbid interest in serial killer psychology, I’m not a huge fan of the popular Netflix show ”Mindhunter.” My biggest issue with the show is the dull character drama that almost feel shoehorned in just […]

10 Divisive Movies That Are Actually Masterpieces


Not everyone shares the same taste. There’s always a contrarian somewhere. A seemingly universally beloved film might be loathed by someone, while an objectively terrible film, something that has been hacked to bits by studio executives, might garner an unbelievable amount of fans. It wouldn’t be any fun if everyone in the world had the […]