10 Great Movie Directors Who Can’t Get Work Anymore

Although these famous directors have left their indelible mark on film history, their names have been absent from movie screens in recent years. There are many possible reasons why some of these big name directors may not be financially viable to make films anymore. Some have had a history of creative conflicts with studio heads, […]

The 10 Greatest Actresses of All Time

Acting is one of the main aspects of a certain kind of filmmaking. It is so powerful that some filmmaker’s careers and even certain movements are profoundly shaped by the actresses and actors that appear the films. Some actresses and actors have become idols and figures that represent and shaped entire generations. Sometimes we see […]

The 10 Best Sally Hawkins Movie Performances

Sally Hawkins is quickly becoming one of the more sought after actresses in Hollywood after 2017. Her roles as both Elisa in ‘The Shape of Water’ and Maud in ‘Maudie’ have skyrocketed her career and shown her versatility and talent to general audiences everywhere. She is quickly becoming a household name as well with films […]

15 Movie Directors Who Make The Most Profound Films

This was a list really hard to edit. First of all has to define what profound means in cinema, and in art in general. Looking for the word profound in the dictionary, I found interpretations such as ‘penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge’, ‘having deep insight and understanding’, ‘of deep meaning’, […]

10 Movie Directors Who Make The Most Controversial Films

What defines a filmmaker as ‘controversial’? Certainly there are several directors that coast off the slogan that “no press is bad press” and do their best to stir the pot for shallow or promotional reasons (e.g. Tom Six), but to be a true ‘provocateur’ there needs to be substance behind the button pushing. Other elements […]

10 Actors Who Went Through Extreme Body Transformation For a Role

There’s a general perception that many actors show up looking pretty, remember their lines, then collect a paycheck. Whilst that connotation is quite common, they’re are several occasions where just the opposite is true, that a performer goes way beyond the line of duty to fully inhabit and immerse themselves into a role, sometimes at […]

10 Living Movie Directors With The Most Distinguishable Styles

What is it that makes us love a certain filmmaker’s imagery, technique and themes more than another director’s works? Maybe it’s the tone and pace of the plot, or the perfectly quotable and emblematic dialogue, or that great unforgettable soundtrack and sound editing, or maybe it’s because of the pure visual wonder and fantasy put […]

The 10 Most Overrated Movie Performances of The 21st Century

Sometimes the appeal of a famous movie performer will be totally lost on us. “Why does anybody care about this actor?” we ask ourselves, doubting our own judgment or everyone else’s. But even worse than that disconnect is when a newcomer or established star finds a role that makes critics gush, the Academy swoon and […]

The 20 Most Successful Foreign Directors in Hollywood History

Roman Polanski A Film Memoir

Often called the Mecca of Cinema, Hollywood since the beginning of the 20th century has attracted many foreign directors and actors, who came to work in its fully equipped studios, attracted as well by the high salaries the big cinema firms offered to newcomers. In the 1920s, most American cinema firms sent representatives in Europe […]