8 Movies from the 21st Century that Should Have Won Palme d’Or

Son of Saul

Quentin Tarantino, a Palme d’Or winner with Pulp Fiction, once said the following: “There’s only one list that’s more illustrious than the list of directors who won the Plame d’Or. It’s the list of directors who didn’t”. And while that might be a bit harsh, there is some truth to it: not only have directors […]

10 Movies From Berlinale 2017 That Deserve Your Attention

A Fantastic Woman

Every year, the Berlin Film Festival, arguably the second most important film festival in the world, hosts hundreds of movies (399 this year, to be exact) scattered through its programmes, and thousands of both professional and amateur film lovers. For years, it has been known for a highly political approach, but rest assured, there is […]

10 Great Cannes Festival Winners That Are Now Undeservingly Forgotten


It’s been well established that every auteur filmmaker in the world plans on taking La Croisette by storm at some point in their career. After all, Cannes is where the biggest directors in the world premiere their new work, and getting to screen your movie alone might open up an entire new spectrum of possibilities. […]