10 Great Debut Movies From Late Bloomers

Orson Welles shouldn’t be blamed for launching the myth of the baby auteur, as Citizen Kane is the exception that proves the rule. For all that movie’s formal daring, it’s a mature, sophisticated work concerning the ravages of time and ambition, themes that very few 25-year-olds have any interest in exploring. Given Hollywood’s long-standing reverence […]

The 10 Best Wilderness Thriller Movies


The great outdoors makes for a formidable antagonist: unthinking, relentless and only more intimidating as people live more of their lives through screens. It also allows for inherently cinematic stories that can be told wordlessly for long stretches of time, relying on the actors to register everything in their faces. The stakes stay high, and […]

10 Underrated Movie Masterpieces of American Cinema

Great movies get lost or ignored for the same alchemy of factors that make lackluster ones into hits: studio politics, a given star’s popularity (or infamy), and the current zeitgeist’s appetites. Sometimes they’re overshadowed by a gargantuan hit, as people forget other great flicks were released during the box office runs of The Godfather, ET […]

10 American Movie Remakes That Rivaled The Original Foreign Films

Americans have more than earned their reputation for botching remakes of successful pictures from around the world. They’ll add a happy ending when the brutal conclusion is what made it so unforgettable (The Vanishing); they’ll fail to capture that unique comic tone (Downhill, from Force Majeure) or at worst, they’ll simply ignore the classic source […]