The 20 Most Underappreciated Movies of The Hollywood Golden Age

An exceptionally rich and cherished period in American Film History, Classic Hollywood brought us many timeless and unforgettable gems, such as Casablanca and Gone with the Wind, just to mention a couple. Unfortunately, their world-wide fame and acclaim has somewhat overshadowed other great achievements in filmmaking from the era. This article lists only 20 productions […]

The 15 Best Bette Davis Movie Performances

best bette davis movies

The second greatest female star of Hollywood History, according to the American Film Institute, Bette Davis arrived in LA in the early 1930’s and was at first given little credit. Legend has it, the actress was surprised no studio representative was at the train station to greet her; she later discovered the employee left because […]

30 Essential Films For An Introduction To Pre-Code Hollywood

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Between the arrival of sound and the imposition of the Motion Picture Production Code on July 1, 1934; Hollywood was essentially free to talk about plentiful controversial subjects such as violence, lechery and substance abuse. The Hays Code, as it was called, after the president of the MPPDA (Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America), […]

The 30 Greatest Directors of Hollywood’s Golden Age


From the introduction of the sound age, in 1927, to the birth of New Hollywood, in 1967, Hollywood saw its prime, regularly producing films of high technical and entertainment quality. The creative powers behind such masterpieces as Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane and Double Indemnity were a distinct group of men. A good part […]

The 30 Greatest Actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age

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Hepburn, Davis, Garland and Temple are just a few celebrated names that rose to stardom between the late 1920’s and the early 1960’s. Old Hollywood’s most famous leading-ladies reached iconic status for different reasons – some became famous for their fierce and independent characters, when society was still very much male-dominated; others captivated millions with […]