10 Great Filmmakers Who Once Were Photographers


Marshall McLuhan considered advertising the greatest art form of the 20th century- for the same reasons, cinema is also an art that perfectly combines other artistic areas. The production of a film includes literature (script), architecture (scenery), painting (color), performing arts (acting), music (film score), comic strip (animation films and storyboarding) and mainly photography (image […]

The 10 Best Alain Delon Movies You Need To Watch

Sometimes people with multiple talents and predicates are left behind over one-quality people. This happens because multiple attention focuses divide the perception and awareness of qualities. With that said, if you have one talented person, and a beautiful and equally talented person, you tend to say the ugly one is more talented because there’s a […]

10 Brilliant Movie Actors Who Are Also Great on TV

great actors in movies and TV

(Robert Trachtenberg/NBC) Many people say TV shows are like relationships, and films are like affairs or one night stands. It’s certainly possible to establish a bond with several filmmakers or actors, but this statement is logical and apprehensible. Television series create an intense and close nexus with fans, often replacing facts with beliefs. The advent […]

The 10 Best Mads Mikkelsen Movie Performances

the hunt

Mads Mikkelsen is the biggest icon that Danish cinema produced since its thin success in the 90s and 2000s. Starting as a dancer and gymnast, Mikkelsen quickly drew attention and reached fame in Denmark, performing vigorously in the “Pusher” trilogy and in a few other independent flicks as well. Nowadays, Mikkelsen is considered one of […]