15 Great Non-English Language Gangster Films Worth Your Time

In an advanced and technological era, it is surprising that some of the most powerful and profitable organizations in the world are related to crime. These vulgarly so-called “gangster” groups are spread into the world and its motives are in some cases very disparate. The most common groups like Camorra (Italy), Yakuza (Japan) or Los […]

The 10 Best Films Based On Nobel Prize Winners’ Novels


Wrapped in controversy, the Nobel Prize is the most prestigious award related with literature. The prize always gave primacy to European writers and, maybe because of that, many say the award is conditioned by political views and idealistic behaviors instead of talent or contributions to humanity. It is a fact that the Nobel Prize Academy doesn’t […]

The 15 Best Metaphysical Movies of All Time

Mr. Nobody (2009)

The study of metaphysics has almost 25 centuries of existence, when Aristotle wrote a book called “Metaphysical” about causation, form, matter and existence. According to the Greek philosopher, metaphysics isn’t just about transcendence, but in this list we will mainly focus on this subject: what’s beyond physical and material. For that reason, it’s important to know […]