20 Underappreciated Horror Movies You Might Not Have Seen

Horror is a timeless genre and one of the most personal in any medium of entertainment. Our fears are subjective and often unique to us, what scares us is connected to our beliefs, childhood, traumatic experiences and many other aspects of life; this makes horror films a constantly divisive subject. Unfortunately, horror is commonly and […]

20 Great Sci-fi Movies You Might Not Have Seen


Underrated, underappreciated, forgotten – either way you describe it, these movies deserve more credit and viewing than they’ve had. The sci-fi genre boasts some of history’s biggest and most loved blockbuster movies of all time. Films such as “Alien”, “E.T.”, the “Star Wars” movies, and more recently, “Interstellar”, the “Star Trek” reboots and “Gravity” show […]