The 10 Best Uses of Avant-Garde Music Scores in Movies

avant garde music scores

Most Hollywood films have non-invasive scores, created by composers who like to stay in their post-romantic comfort zone. Sometimes it can also be ambient or post-minimalist, like Hans Zimmer’s score for “Interstellar”. That includes typical narrative motives, like epic horns in dramatic action scenes and heartbreaking strings in sentimental moments. It isn’t a bad thing […]

10 Sci-fi Movies Similar to William Gibson’s Neuromancer

Ghost in the Shell

Jodorowsky’s “Dune”, the monumental groundbreaking motion picture never made, wasn’t the end of the “Dune” adaptation project. Of course, David Lynch’s version is considered a big disappointment, but regardless, one of the greatest science fiction novels ever written got its own feature film. It’s too bad that another sci-fi milestone, William Gibson’s cyberpunk trademark novel […]