The 10 Best Hammer Horror Movies of All Time

In an industry famous for bloated budgets and excessive extravagance, Hammer Film Productions always struck a blow for efficiency. Hammer horror films are legendary for doing a lot with a little, while almost magically repurposing constraint to fuel creativity. With a handful of tools – iconic actors, small budgets, simple sets, beautiful heroines, and charismatic […]

The 10 Most Beautiful Western Movies of All Time

A good Western, much like the Old West itself, evokes a rugged, austere beauty unlike any other. Depictions of a delicate, genteel aesthetic yield to visions of vast wilderness and bleak landscapes, conjuring the lovely loneliness associated with the wild frontier. Translating the distinctive character of the Old West into an elegant film is a […]

The 10 Most Accurate Movies About The Occult

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me

Accurately discussing the Occult seems to be an impossible task on its surface. Any attempt to analyze what is, by nature, secret and hidden could be quixotic at best, and fraudulent at worst. When it comes to movies, logic warns us that what is being depicted either isn’t truly occultic, or is only partially representative. […]