15 Classic Horror Films That Shape Spain’s Suppressed Reality

classic Spanish horror films

These titles may not sound appealing, but considering the time and place they were conceived, it can give the viewer slices of what the golden years of Spanish horror were like; real horror in cinematographic terms. A lack of budget, lack of an established cultural environment, the industry, the audience and critic’s prejudices, and obstacles […]

The 10 Best Spanish Films of the 21st Century


These days, Spanish cinema has become a mature-content and technical configuration kind of cinema worthy of being exposed in any European country or the US. In relation to the esteem other nations such as France or Italy have for Pedro Almodóvar or classic Spanish realisateurs like Luis Buñuel, Luis G. Berlanga or Carlos Saura, it […]

The 10 Best Horror Films That Take Place on Christmas

Black Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy. A time mostly all western human beings look forward to during the rest of the year. Family gatherings that take place once a year where siblings set aside their differences for a while and forgotten relatives seem closer than what they really are. People everywhere experience a subtle change […]