4 Michael Haneke Films and Their Philosophical Takeaways


If we focus our attention on certain movies directed by Michael Haneke, we’re going to notice a constant in its cinema: an anabasis of violence. Obviously, that’s not a constantly-growing characteristic during the vision of the movie, but it is similar to an apex. An explosion. And in particular, it is possible to notice these […]

Through the Void: A Philosophical Glance at ‘The Big Lebowski’

It’s difficult to characterize the cinema of the Coen Brothers, since their influences are so many; they’re able to manifest a kaleidoscope of different moods in a masterly way. The task we’re going to encompass is much more wide than what I expected. The first point we suggest considering is in regards to their subterranean […]

15 Great Movies About Henri Bergson’s Philosophy of Laughter

Henri Bergson, the Nobel Prize winner in 1927 for literature, wrote in 1899 an absolute masterpiece Le Rire (The Laugh). Because this opera was written so long ago, it represents the essence of comic in our society. Cinema, like every “major art”, is the perfect vehicle for representing these types of ideas. Bergson tried to […]

The 15 Best Movies Influenced by The Philosophy of Albert Camus

Holy Motors

If you consider “Absurd” to be whatever is without any meaning, or not connected to any meaning, you’re probably in the wrong list, but if you consider “Absurd” to be a lack of sense, logic and rational thought, you’re in the right place. Cinema is completely full of examples of absurdity, with a lack of […]

The 10 Best Movies Influenced by Marxist Philosophy

marxist films

Karl Marx was one of the most influential philosopher of all time and consequently his work has influenced a lot of films. The spectator faces Marxist problems such as: proletariat conditions, bourgeoisie dominance, the evolving technology and its connection to society, and revolution. Every problem is only a signal of the advent of the communist […]

15 Great Nihilistic Movies That Are Worth Your Time

best nihilistic movies

The word Nihil is Latin root of nihilism. Nihil means nothingness. Commonly nihilism is employed in the expression of Nietzschean philosophy, connected with Übermensch or eternal return theories. Sometimes it is forgotten that Nietzsche promoted a “good” nihilism, as a starting point for new values; on the other side of the coin is the “bad” […]