10 Great Thriller Movies On Amazon Prime You May Have Missed

Often the purest form of cinema is exhilaration; audiences gather to experience something intense, frightening, or exciting, and a great thriller can satisfy their desires to feel something. A thriller can be many things; some films considered to be drama, horror, action, or even comedy can fall into the category, but the best thrillers remain […]

The 10 Most Underrated Best Picture Nominees of The 21st Century


Oftentimes, a film being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture boosts its popularity within communities of film fans. What is or isn’t nominated is speculated about for months, and the prestige of a Best Picture nomination is proven to boost a film’s theatrical gross, home video sales, and success on streaming platforms. Ranking […]

10 Great Recent Thriller Movies On Netflix You May Have Missed

Streaming platforms are often the best way to catch up with underrated films that never got the praise or acclaim they deserved during their initial theatrical run. Netflix in particular has accumulated a great library of recent releases that either never found their audience or underperformed compared to expectations. Hopefully, film fans will flock to […]