10 Great 1980s Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

Nostalgia for the films of the 1980s is stronger now more than ever, as Hollywood often draws upon this golden age of blockbuster films as the source of new ideas moving forward. Projects like Stranger Things and Ready Player One have marketed themselves entirely on references to the most popular characters and iconography of 80s […]

10 Great Recent Movies That Could Become Cult Classics

It is often hard to predict what films will end up growing a cult following, as cult films emerge for different reasons. Some cult films, such as Clerks or Reservoir Dogs, emerged first among niche audiences before growing into mainstream successes, and some films, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, have developed a cultural […]

10 Great Recent Crime Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Joe Cooper in Killer Joe

The crime genre has existed since the earliest days of cinema, and it remains one of the most consistent genres to this day. Crime stories are ever-changing; there are stories that span countless time periods and perspectives, and can be anything from very small independent films to massive blockbusters. It’s hard to imagine just how […]