10 Examples of Incredible Sound Design In Horror Films

A compelling horror film needs to utilize every aspect of film language to succeed. Understanding these elements can separate a terrifying experience from something that is forced and inorganic. One of the most critical elements of any film, especially a horror film, is sound design. These are films that utilize quality sound design to amplify […]

10 Film Adaptations That Rival Their Source Material

Gone Girl (2014)

Adaptations have been popular in cinema, ever since Georges Méliès’s version of Cinderella came out in 1899. It’s only natural given the literary nature of films that adaptations occur. These are the films that rival their source material in terms of quality by utilizing the art of filmmaking to the narrative’s benefit, creating either an […]

10 Movies That Should Not Have Won Best Picture

With another Oscars season passed, and another set of winners names, there undoubtedly will now be the year long discussion wherein everyone voices their agreement or disagreements with the choices. Sometimes these choices seem all too obvious, and sometimes there is vehement disagreement, but most of the time many people can see what the Academy […]

The 10 Most Distinct Traits of Stanley Kubrick’s Cinema

Stanley Kubrick is one of the most celebrated directors in cinematic history. His demand for perfection on screen, his incessant amount of retakes, and his incredible intelligence helped create some of the best films ever made. More than that, though, since his death in 1999, his films have only grown in popularity. Looking at his entire […]

10 Great American Movies That Can Teach You Valuable Lessons of Lighting

visually stunning sci-fi movies

There is an almost ethereal power that lighting has in film. No other technical aspect of filmmaking can radically change the mood and tone of a narrative with a slight modification. A alteration of shadows, a focus of light, a usage of a different light temperature, and the entire atmosphere immediately transforms. In this respect, […]