15 Great Movies With Brutally Honest Depictions of Love and Relationships

blue valentine movie

Romantic love is complicated, yet it is very commonly portrayed in film as a well understood phenomenon with clearly defined boundaries. Films tend to adopt idealized notions of romantic love in which specific criteria are met, thereby qualifying romantic love as such. For example, romantic love is often viewed as unconditional. This means that one […]

The 10 Best Movies That Question Man’s Importance in the Universe


Mankind has always pondered the meaning of his existence. Different thinkers throughout history have sought to establish man as maintaining a unique and significant status in the cosmos. Theologians imagine that man is created in the image of God, thus he derives his value from his likeness to a perfect being. Aristotle argued that man […]

The 15 Best Transcendental Films of All Time


Transcendental films are those which go beyond traditional films by altering the viewer’s state of mind. Great directors such as Terrance Malick, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Andrei Tarkovsky create profound filmic experiences by using film as a medium to express insight regarding fundamental aspects of human life. These films challenge the viewer’s perceptions of reality, death, […]