The 10 Best Action Movies of The 2010s

mad max

While not the most obvious candidate to describe what constitutes an action film, the beloved author and satirist Kurt Vonnegut pinpointed the most crucial element of the genre. “Be a sadist,” he advised budding storytellers. “No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them.” In curating a list of […]

The 10 Best Possession Movies of All Time

In a possession film, a body becomes a marionette. Some devilish entity grips the proverbial steering wheel, commanding a person’s every move, ventriloquizing their speech, and inflicting pain on those around them. The intent of this infiltration, it becomes clear every time, never stems from a benevolent place. After all, the Dark Prince himself uses […]

10 Secret Horror Films Disguised As Other Genres

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The following synopsis previews a bloodcurdling terrorfest. A zany scientist desires god-tier power, so he invents a shrink ray that reduces his children and their friends to the size of thumbtacks. The result: otherwise humdrum household items become death traps and once harmless insects change into apex predators who stalk the kids through an inescapable […]