All 30 Alfred Hitchcock American Movies Ranked From Worst To Best (Part 2)

Vertigo (1958)

Now firmly established across the Atlantic, the following years would see Hitch establish himself as a true master of the medium, an auteur easily capable of switching comfortably between genres, from thrillers, to horrors and even comedy, his oeuvre became incredibly consistent and, for the most part, utterly brilliant. Here, in part two, we tackle […]

All 30 Alfred Hitchcock American Movies Ranked From Worst To Best (Part 1)

There is a pantheon in the world of film that is reserved only for the most truly memorable artists, the best of the best that includes the likes of John Ford, Akira Kurosawa, Stanley Kubrick and yes, England’s own, Alfred Hitchcock, the self-proclaimed “Master of Suspense”. His output was quite prolific and of a consistently […]

10 Essential Lucio Fulci Movies Every Horror Fan Should See

The Italian maestro Lucio Fulci is a well-regarded creative tour de force by horror fans, and whilst his rather extensive oeuvre takes in all manner of genres, he is still oft overlooked by the mainstream, leaving him as, arguably, one of the most underrated director’s in the history of the film industry. With more than […]

All 20 Dario Argento Movies Ranked From Worst To Best


When examining the horror genre there are few director’s as iconic the Italian maestro, Dario Argento. Since making his debut in 1970, the director has created a swathe of stylish horror-thrillers and effectively popularised the giallo film genre that the wonderful Astron-6 lauded so delightfully with Adam Brooks and Matt Kennedy’s The Editor. He is […]