All 19 Richard Linklater Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Houston, Texas native Richard Linklater, founder of the Austin Film Society in 1985, embodies the best aspects of the American filmmaker and their relevance to current film culture. Throughout nearly all of his work, his films communicate humanistic, naturalist and existential concerns and draw from influences ranging from Robert Bresson to Martin Scorsese. Since his […]

All 18 Domestic Box Office Champions From The 21st Century Ranked From Worst To Best

In a perfect world, public opinion would always align with critical consensus. But just like critics, the people who make up the widespread American moviegoing audience are often wrong. Any given year will feature box office smashes for the right reasons – a curious audience and a great film connect over several weeks, leaving an […]

All 16 Best Animated Feature Oscar Winners From The 21st Century Ranked From Worst To Best

Since its inclusion in the Academy Awards in 2001, the category for Best Animated Feature has been celebrating animation of all variations in the 21st century. Before Shrek was made the first winner, the only animated film to receive Oscar recognition was 1991’s Beauty and the Beast. With only 16 winners to date, there hasn’t […]

The 10 Most Overrated Movie Performances of The 21st Century

Sometimes the appeal of a famous movie performer will be totally lost on us. “Why does anybody care about this actor?” we ask ourselves, doubting our own judgment or everyone else’s. But even worse than that disconnect is when a newcomer or established star finds a role that makes critics gush, the Academy swoon and […]