10 Movie Masterpieces That Expand The Possibilities of Cinema

According to science, virtual reality pornography is poised to become the greatest piece of entertainment in existence. Yet until that hallowed day comes, we will have to contend with movies. Usually when one charts the progression of cinema; it begins with “The Great Train Robbery” and ends with Jake Paul’s white boy raps. There are […]

The 10 Most Despicable Movie Characters of All Time

I miss being traumatized by Disney. When I was 5 years old, nothing was more intense than Cinderella’s wicked stepmother’s green snake-eyes glowing in darkness. The stepmother Lady Tremaine psychological abuse of our heroine gave the otherwise cheerful “Cinderella” a flavor of horror that, in hindsight, was quite necessary for my development. Monsters like Lady […]

The 10 Most Complex Movie Characters of All Time

Fictional characters often serve as stepping off points for us to better understand both ourselves and the people around us. After all, Rodion Raskolnikov’s moral struggles in Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” has been known to give readers a more impactful insight into depression than many a psychology textbook. The more vivid, specific and intimate a […]

10 Movies Whose Craft You Love But Whose Politics You Hate


There is a fine line between “thorough analysis” and “looking too deeply” when it comes to watching movies. After all, perceiving “The Care Bears Movie” as a Deep State psychedelic-warfare training video is an all too common conclusion made by many a cinephile. Nonetheless, if a movie is well made, its politics, a catch-all term […]