10 Great Movies With The Wildest Imaginations


Look, every single film ever created takes some sort of imagination to make. Even the worst flicks out there had some sort of creativity (maybe the tiniest amount, but it’s there). Otherwise, these projects would have never amounted to anything more than a simply blank brainstorming scrap piece of paper. Let’s also face the fact […]

8 Reasons Why BlacKkKlansman Is The Best Mainstream Film of The Year

We know there are a few works that are taking the cake for “film of the year”. The Favourite is a late-year surprise to the mainstream, but an expected work of brilliance to the art house crowd. A Star is Born is a surprisingly strong third remake (let me reemphasize that that’s the fourth time […]

10 Actors Who Play Both Heroes And Villains Perfectly

Versatility should be within an actor’s repertoire. Of course, some performers specialize in a select group of roles they take on, not even because they have been type casted. Nonetheless, being able to take on many different forms means you can reach wider audiences, rather than cater to your specific fan bases. You might know […]

The 10 Most Badass Movies of All Time

What is “badass”? Usually, this expression is used as a compliment towards something or someone that has edge, and carries almost a hypnotic essence to them. What constitutes as “badass” can differ from person to person, not even in a subjective sense but in an interpretational tense. Let’s stop ourselves and not look deeply into […]