Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps for Android 2018

Thanks to the large screens of the latest Android devices, it is now possible to watch a movie without squinting! The light nature and large internal storage of these devices, make it easier and fun to watch your favorite entertainment wherever you are.

With many movies of different genres being released this year, you need to keep up with the latest unveilings and a free movie streaming app for Android can help you stay updated and pass the time. Since almost every person has a mobile phone, it only becomes easier to download and watch either a local or international movie on your phone without having to go to a theater. The following are the top 10 best free movie streaming apps for Android 2018; You can also find movies app for windows here.


1. Showbox app

When it comes to ranking the best and most popular movie streaming app for Android devices, Showbox tends to rank top. The popularity of this app can be seen by the more than a million downloads on their website. You can also get the app from third parties. Showbox is frequently updated to bring you a list of the available movies you can watch as well as series.

It is compatible with not only Android but also other gadgets such as Windows and IOS. It has easy navigation as the programs are arranged according to the genre and you can even download the HD format without incurring any problems. What is great about this app is that all the movies are free!


2. CinemaBox

While it was previously named PlayBox HD, CinemaBox is one of the top movie streaming app for Android users. The downloading, installation and use of this app is friendly. What makes CinemaBox a great app is that it has many films in HD and you can download them for free. Using this app, you can also stream your favorite or the latest TV show, documentary, cartoon and music videos. It doesn’t require any monthly subscription, and it is free from any malware.

Therefore, your phone will not get any virus during the download process. CinemaBox is regularly updated. Therefore, the database will always have new content which you can watch from multiple sources. To restrict your kids from viewing harmful content, you can switch to the Kids mode which will allow parents to block any media content that is not age-appropriate.


3. Terrarium TV

With more than a million downloads, Terrarium TV is one of the most popular apps for watching old and latest content on an Android device. You can get this app from Google Play or download it from their official website.

While movies listed on this app are grouped based on genre, you can also use the search button to find your favorite program. Apart from Android, it is also compatible with ios, Chromecast and Xbox 360 and films can be downloaded for free in full HD. In this app will also find high rated movies and those not found on other paid services.


4. Bobby Movie Box

If you are movie freak, then you never want to miss any new content especially the most anticipated 2018 movies. With Bobby Movie Box you will not be left behind as all the latest movie content will be available for iPhone users. You can quickly get this app from the Apple store or their official website.

This Android app is user-friendly, free, clean and supports more than 200 languages including English, Norwegian, Arabic and French. What makes Bobby movie box one of the best is that you can use this app to bookmark any movie providing easier access. With this app, you get to enjoy HD movies in full-screen mode.


5. Crackle

Crackle is the best alternative to Showbox and even has a great user interface. Apart from providing many movies for free, you can easily download the app from Google Play store. Despite it being ad-supported and lacking HD quality, it contains both old and new movies which you can watch or download on your android device for free.

What makes this Android app one of the top is that it gives you customization options. As a result, you can customize where you want your subtitles to appear on the screen which provides better viewing experience. You can also adjust the subtitle font, color, and size.


6. Flipps TV

Depending on how fast your internet connection is, you are unlikely to experience any buffering with Flipps TV app. Therefore, you can watch a movie quite comfortably. When you want to forward or rewind the film, the app has a flawless design which allows the movie to begin in whatever part you want.

All you have to do is scroll the time bar on the screen, and it will not buffer. Movies are displayed on the main page which is separate from TV shows, so there is no confusion. You can download the app from Google play or Apple store depending on the Android device you are using.


7. Youtube

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most known and used app for watching content. It has a large database of movies which can be accessed for free which is what makes this streaming app for Android one of the best for 2018. While not all movies will be available, you can watch those offered in HD. This app is mostly preinstalled on many phones; however, you can still download it in Google Play store. Apart from movies, you can use Youtube android app to watch funny videos, music, and news.


8. Viewster

Viewstar is one of the best free moving streaming apps for Android 2018 and for good reasons. It is completely free and has a simple user face. With this app, you don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of signing up or creating an account. Instead after downloading it from Google play store you get to start viewing your movies immediately. The movies are listed on the homepage on a horizontal manner and even gives a brief synopsis of each film.


9. Hubi Movie App

Unlike other apps, Hubi allows you to copy the URL and download the movie you want to watch. The app is compatible with various Android devices and has a simple interface for watching movies for free. The link is copied on the paste button, and the app will even show you the downloading progress including the percentage. You can download Hubi from Google store or third-party websites and access your film in the download section.


10. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is an app that will let you watch movies for free on your Android device. The free movies can be viewed without the need to log in to a registered account. All the menu and other items will be hidden to provide more screen space to watch the movie. You will find your favorite film listed in a category such as Thriller, comedy, drama, action, and horror. You can then click on each genre to see the listed movies under that category. The app has volume control settings and full-screen capability.

With any of these apps, you can stream for free older or the latest blockbuster movie using your Android device.