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Daily Archives: April 25, 2017

As we moved into “The Noughties” (a popular term that’s been affixed to the first decade of the 21st century), and after two decades of relative stability and peace in Western society, the world found itself yet again in the midst of a major shift: opening with 9/11–the worst terror attack in recorded history–and ending in a global financial meltdown,… Read more »

25 April 2017 | Features, Film Lists

A wonderfully versatile performer is a thing to be celebrated; fine actors like Daniel Day-Lewis or Gary Oldman have that rare chameleon-like talent where they can tackle any role, and completely and utterly disappear into a character. But with other actors, it’s not as easy. There are plenty of good and even excellent performers out there that are fantastic at… Read more »

25 April 2017 | Features, Other Lists

The cinematic consciousness of a viewer is primarily defined by memories. The memories collectively determine the perception, however distorted, that the viewer holds towards a certain film. And while the verbal and the acoustic play a critical role in shaping those memories, the first contact towards all cinematic art is visual. Not very disparate from the impressions the texture and… Read more »

25 April 2017 | Features, Other Lists