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Daily Archives: January 29, 2017

2016 was a landmark year for critically acclaimed black authored and focused work. In the wake of an #oscarssowhite backlash in prior years, a variety of worthy films and performances were acknowledged by critics throughout the year, and sold well at the box office. With this new influx of quality films the inspiration came to provide a list of some… Read more »

29 January 2017 | Features, Film Lists

“It is a sad and beautiful world.” – Roberto (played by Roberto Benigni)   I fought the law and the law won Incidental encounters and tough luck reluctantly come together in writer-director Jim Jarmusch’s deeply distinctive third feature from 1986, Down By Law. Existing in its own even tempered and hermetically sealed cosmology, joyfully noncommercial and fancy free from the… Read more »

29 January 2017 | Features, Reviews

For about twenty years now several directors in and near France have been making some of the most formally interesting, thematically dark, and in many cases just plain difficult to watch films in the world. Together these films are known as the New French Extremity. They are challenging and often misunderstood. There are other lists on this site that include… Read more »

29 January 2017 | Features, Other Lists

Iceland is a small country and one of the most sparsely populated ones; despite this factor it has produced many fantastic directors and movies, a lot of which are underrated due to the quite secluded location and lack of distribution. Unlike a lot of other countries there has only been one Icelandic movie competing for a Foreign Language Oscar, and… Read more »

29 January 2017 | Features, Film Lists