The 10 Most Popular Taste of Cinema Lists of 2015

2015 has been a tremendous year for Taste of Cinema. We have become one of the fastest-growing movie websites in the world and we tried our best to produce great content with good taste. We are so glad that many cinephiles choose Taste of Cinema as their go-to source whenever they want to see a good movie.

At the end of the year, we want to thank all the support from our readers, thanks for spending your precious time reading our lists and leaving all the comments and feedback. We also want to thank all the writers at Taste of Cinema, you have done an amazing job.

Taste of Cinema is known for lists, so this last one of 2015 is no exception. Here we list our top 10 most popular lists made in 2015, check them out if you have missed some of them.

In 2016 we will bring something new to the table, and we will continue to make quality movie lists with good taste. Thanks, everyone!


1. 25 Great Psychedelic Movies That Are Worth Your Time

Written by Esther Zeilig

The Holy Mountain


2. The 30 Greatest Plot Twists in Movie History

Written by Joao Vieira



3. The 20 Best Japanese Animated Movies of the 21st Century

Written by Melinda Gemesi



4. 15 Complex Movies From This Century That Were Too Smart For Mainstream Audiences

Written by Josh O’Neill



5. The 20 Most Disturbing Movies of All Time

Written by Tom Blicq

Still from the 2000 American film Requiem for a Dream featuring Ellen Burstyn


6. The 30 Most Extreme Movies of The 21st Century So Far

Written by Mark Repp

most extreme movies


7. The 15 Most Overlooked Films of The Last 5 Years

Written by Ian Cahoon

Post Tenebras Lux


8. 10 Famous Movies With Mind-Blowing Hidden Meanings

Written by Erol Bozkurt



9. The 25 Best South Korean Movies of The Last 5 Years

Written by Hanajun Chung



10. The 25 Best Movies About Youth and Sexuality

Written by Esther Zeilig