15 Movies With Shockingly Realistic Ending

8. Flight


This film is another powerful journey that often feels like a rollercoaster from beginning to end. The director of the acclaimed film Forest Gump spins the tale of a pilot who accomplishes an incredible feat, but hides a dark secret behind it.

What makes the end so realistic: Although it might be a tad unrealistic that the main character decides to tell the truth right before he will be gets big praise, it is very realistic that he got jail time and had to pay the consequences for his dangerous, drunken deeds.


9. Crash


Crash is no doubt a deserving winner of the best film of the year Oscar. It’s a sprawling film that interweaves the lives of several Los Angeles natives. Nothing in this movie is black and white. It’s a realistic view into the constantly changing city life.

What makes the end so realistic: As powerful as the entire movie is the ending is pretty cold. The camera zooms out so that you see a large portion of the city in the camera’s view. Just like real life the movie ends with nothing really being solves and life just moving on…as it always does.


10. The Green Mile

The Green Mile

The Green Mile is a movie that can make even the strongest man cry! Based on a novel written by the literary genius Stephen King, this drama follows a prison guard’s relationship with an accused child murder that will change his life, as well as the life of everyone around him, forever!

What makes the end so realistic: The fact that an innocent black man in the south died for a crime he didn’t committ and no one who wanted to help him could do anything about it.


11. Napoleon Dynamite


Napoleon Dynamite is one of the most well known cult/comedy films in history. It’s a film about a nerd and his friends that is just as awkward as life really is sometimes.

What makes the end so realistic: As a nerdy person myself (although I pray I’m not nearly that bad), the ending where he has his 5 minutes of fame (literally) and goes back to his purely nerdy life right after is as real as it gets.