15 Movies With Shockingly Realistic Ending

4. The Mist


The Mist has one of the most controversial endings in movie history (I’m reminded every time I write about it). The story follows people in a small town trying to survive deadly “plagues” that come out of the deadly mist that falls over the entire town. But what seems to go unnoticed is it is one of the most realistic endings in movie history.

What makes the end so realistic: “The hero” of the story decides to shoot the remaining survivors in the car with him after they run out of gas in the middle of the deadly mist. Right after he kills everyone in the van, including his own son, he then waits for something in The Mist to come along and end his life. The problem? Help arrives right after he does it. Often times in life when we try to take control of a situation that is really out of our control rather than waiting to see what the end result will be, we screw up. No one knows this better than the guy at the end of this movie.


5. The Descent


This is a highly rated horror film about beautiful woman in Germany who descend into a cave dwelling only to discover carnivorous monsters way beyond your worst nightmare.

What makes the end so realistic: The Descent’s original, foreign ending was so realistic it was changed for the American audience (don’t you just loath when they do that?). In the foreign ending, one of the woman rejoices about making it out of the blood soaked cave only to find out she never escaped and has now completely lost her mind. Another reminder that the good guy (or girl in this matter) don’t always win in life and there is nothing they can do about it.


6. American History X


This is in my top 5 “earth shattering” movies list. It’s honestly one of the most powerful films I’ve ever seen! This story tells the moving tale of an ex-neo nasiz supporter’s journey to a reformed life.

What makes the end so realistic: You couldn’t possibly see the shooting of his brother, who’s just realizes he’s going down the wrong path, coming! It’s a real reminder that sometimes when you’re done with the past, it’s not always done with you.


7. Se7en


This classic horror/thriller film has a surprisingly realistic ending considering the genre it falls in. The film is better known for its portrayal of a vicious and creative killer committing crimes according to the seven deadly sins and the mind games he plays with the cops.

What makes the end so realistic: The ending where the cop for once actually shoots the perp at the end is borderline cathartic, but then he loses his mind. We end the film with him in the back of a police cruiser, after he shot the killer for cutting off his wife’s head, staring into space. Finally a cop story where you know the cop is so broken, like a normal person, from something like this he will never recover!