15 Movies With Shockingly Realistic Ending

12. The Godfather Part III


The final film in the God Father trilogy obviously pissed off its most dedicated fans (although I’m still not sure why) as it wrapped up the violent yet unrealistically glamorous saga of the Coleone family. Even though the entire saga was a bit on the glossy side, the ending brought some much needed realism to it.

What makes the end so realistic: Michael Corleone died like most mob bosses tend to die in real life: with half their family dead, everyone hating them and alone. A surprisingly fitting ending for a legendary story!


13. City of God

City of God

Hailed as one of the best foreign films of all time (I tend to agree) this story provides a rude awakening about the violent ghettos in the streets of Brazil. The story is told through the eyes of an ambitious young man who wants to escape the ghetto by becoming a photographer. He tells a story of a lawless land that is hard to forget.

What makes the end so realistic: Although the movie is based around a real story, the ending was in no way changed to make a Hollywood ending. All the major players in the story wind up dead (except for the main character) and the whole brutal crime ring starts all over again with nothing gained at all! The sad reality of real life gang violence in a nutshell.


14. One Flew Over Over a Cuckoos Nest


The classic story about a guy who fakes being insane to get out of prison time. He thought he had the system fooled but man was the joke on him!

What makes the end so realistic: In the 50’s , 60’s and early 70’s most patients didn’t leave insane asylums unless they were in a body bag. Ask the main character by the end of the film if that’s true or not….if he can answer you back that is.


15. Life is Beautiful


A man tells his son a fantastical story about how they’re playing a game when they’re really suffering through imprisonment at concentration camp. There are a million and one reasons why the movie won a lot of awards and they’re all valid.

What makes the end so realistic: The son survives his imprisonment in a concentration camp, but his father does not. It’s an ending that will rip your guts out, however it’s brutally honest in its portrayal of what concentration camps were really like. Despite the father’s effort to keep his son’s innocence preserved when they were surrounded by so much evil, he couldn’t completely save him from the truth.

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