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The 10 Worst Horror Movies Of All Time

24 May 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by Debbie Fletcher

worst horror movies

Horror films tend to follow the same concept and an element of excitement arises when filmmakers claim to have a film that is original, terrifying, the scariest film in years. A majority of the time the only feeling that is experienced is strong disappointment. Recent years have seen the horror film industry at its all time lowest with one terrible film after another. Audiences are tired of seeing the same format time and time again… Young pretty people being stranded in a remote location with no phones, cars or way of getting away from the psychopath that wants to mutilate them.

There have been some truly awful films, claiming to be the scariest of all time, and the list below are by far the worst…


10. Silent Hill


Silent hill is a popular playstation game that was turned into a film, the game is scary and unnerving for players and despite the surreal concept, there is a genuine feeling of fear and discomfort. The characters are perfect for the gaming world as are the creatures that have to be battled.

The big screen version does not live up to expectations and the adaption does not work effectively with the big screen version appearing to be silly and unrealistic. The purpose of some horror films is to make audiences believe that it could happen and this is simply not the case with this film.


9. House of Wax


There is little to say about this film other than the fact it was simply awful and Paris Hilton was the lead, one way to completely ruin the credibility of a film. Another clichéd horror movie that consists of young beautiful people that spend most of their time running and screaming at each other before the inevitable happens and they are murdered.

There are parts of the film that were surprisingly jumpy and gross and did shock audiences but not to the extent that was promised. It is just another example of a bad teeny slasher horror film that is labelled as a true horror.



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  • matheus

    Actually i think this is the WORST list of the worst horror movies of all time

    • I agree, one or two of them were really good. A hipster made this list, so it explains everything.

  • not only this is the worst list of the worst horror movies, it’s the worst list in general. i feel kinda bored even commenting on this crap.

  • Joey Sandy

    I was pro choice, until I read this list. David Zou is the reason I now support abortion.

  • Kevin Moritz

    I agree with Best 100%, this is the worst list of the worst horror movies of all time. Not only the choices but also the writing itself which seems to be written by sophomore in high school .

  • Mtoomb

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and oh.. wrong. This is more like the “10
    Horror Films It’s ‘Cool” Not to Like” or “A Hipster’s Top 10 Worst
    Horror Movies” or “The First 10 Horror Movies I Could Think Of Cause I’m
    10.” Have you never seen CHUD? The Grudge is a classic; Creep is extremely suspenseful and creepy; Silent Hill is cheesy greatness; Paranormal Activities are brilliant when watched at midnight by yourself; House of Wax we get to see Kim Bauer lose a digit; and Evil Dead one of the best scary movies in years. Where is The Possession? Darkness Falls? Saw III-VI? The Unborn? Human Centipede? I mean come on! I can think of worse movies in my sleep! 🙂

  • Mukuro

    Wow this is a pretty bad list! You actually listed a few movies that allot of people liked. Also Evil Dead at #1? The only thing wrong with that movie was that the trailers showed a bit too much. Other than that it was pretty awesome.

  • Matt Floyd

    Wow! You are SOO far gone with your list, it’s like you have never even seen a scary movie. The only list member I agree with you on is the ParNorms 2,3 and 4. As I am a true horror movie fan, please come to me so I can edit the next crappy list you put together. (disgust)

  • WoWed

    I think i found a number 1 for the “10 Worst movie top 10’s of all time.” Thanks.