The 10 Worst Horror Movies Of All Time

4. Creep


British cinema hasn’t always been a success, particularly in comparison to the American attempts. Creep was titled as the first British horror film in years that will terrify and disturb audiences and naturally people flocked to see the film. Granted, there are elements that are uncomfortable as opposed to scary, but overall the film does little to boost British cinema.

The storyline and opening to the film are incredibly weak and do little to captivate the audience although once the first character has met their end quite early on into the film you do become slightly intrigued. This feeling quickly disappears. The ‘murderer’ is an unbelievable creature with an unbelievable history. The blood and gore in the film are the only things that conjure any emotions.


3. Paranormal Activity 2, 3 and 4


The first Paranormal Activity recreated the same feelings that the Poltergeist did so many years ago. The plot, the effects, the fact that in so many peoples minds this is something that could actually happen, combined made a truly scary film that encouraged audiences in their millions to indulge in watching the film and being truly horrified.

By the time the 2nd, 3rd and 4th arrived, audiences were completely immune to the effects of the ‘demon’. The 3rd film deviated from the original plot, which the 4th then picked up on again. The lack of continuity, sense and purpose meant the three films were flops. The second film showed some promise with the continuation of the original film, as audiences were keen to see what happened but the film was too similar to the first and was a disappointment with many unanswered questions remaining. The third film focused on an entirely different story and although there were some disturbing parts, hard-core horror fans was unimpressed. The final installment was categorized as horror but should have been in the comedy genre. It was a weak attempt at a film and did little to scare, interest or captivate audiences.