The 10 Worst Horror Movies Of All Time

8. The Grudge


The original film was a Japanese creation that was quickly banned after its release due to the genuine fear that surrounded the film. The American re-make did not do the original film justice and watching a woman crawl around on her stomach for two hours didn’t really have the impact that was intended.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was a poor choice of lead role as she has been pigeon holed by her Buffy character and it’s hard to believe she would run away from a creature as opposed to destroying it. The creature was distinctly similar to the one, which appeared in The Ring and this is where one of the biggest problems began. It was hard to distinguish between the two films and in the end the appearance of the creature that made odd noises and spent all her time on the floor just lost believability.


7. Blair Witch Project


On its release, due to its originality, the film did leave audiences feeling a little disturbed. Unfortunately the criticism and mockery that surrounded the film undid any of the horrifying effects and that infamous ‘crying scene’ dispels the fear that is generated among the audience.

There are a lot of unanswered questions throughout the film and in particular towards the end. What exactly happened to the three people? What was it that got them? Why didn’t they have phones? And finally, and most importantly, why the hell did the go into the creepy abandoned house that scared them, had blood on the walls and was obviously inhabited by something nasty? Films such as the Blair Witch are quite frustrating which can dispel the sense of fear that is created.