The 10 Weirdest Movie Characters Of All Time

8. Two-Face in The Batman Franchise (portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones, Billy Dee Williams, and Aaron Eckhart)


Two-Face isn’t so much of a weird character in each individual film, but as a whole he’s pretty inconsistent. In three different movies, he has been played by not only three different actors, but also he’s had three different personalities. One is an African-American, cool-mannered lawyer. The other is a flat out nut job crazy pants killer. And the other is a more realistic portrayal manned by Eckhart. Each one is totally inconsistent and sometimes just flat out off and strange.


7. Darth Vader in The Star Wars Saga (portrayed by David Prowse, James Earl Jones, and Hayden Christensen)

Darth Vader Mask

Darth Vader is one of, if not THE greatest villain of all time. However, when looked at closely, and if you watch the Saga in order, his sudden mood changes are pretty weird… He goes from small, innocent Anakin who falls in love with a girl nearly 15 years older than him, to a passive aggressive young man who’s frustrated with life, to a mid-20s murderer who kills a bunch of kids out of nowhere, to a three-parts-robot, one-part-man evil, cold-blooded Sith Lord… WHAT?! The evolution hardly makes any sense whatsoever, but still remains awesome.