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The 10 Biggest Best Picture Snubs

30 April 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou


One of the great things about the Academy Awards is how much discussion they generate. There is a lot of discussion generated about snubs and of course with hindsight, the magnitude of the snub gets magnified. So what have been the 10 biggest Best Picture snubs? Of course there has been so many over the years that many worthy snubs won’t even make it onto this list!


10) 2010 – The King’s Speech over The Social Network, Inception and Black Swan

2010 oscar

With 10 nominees, there is a lot more room for conjecture and here was a case of the Academy going for the safe biopic over the more edgy current and relevant film. This was against the grain of Midnight Cowboy winning over Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Hello, Dolly!


9) 2008 – Slumdog Millionaire over Frost/Nixon and Milk and The Reader

2008 oscar

Slumdog Millionaire was a movie that came out of nowhere. It was lucky to be made and then hit it straps at the right time to dominate the Academy Awards. Like with All the President’s Men, there was no love for Nixon and The Reader could have been an outside chance had not the Indian feelgood movie swept all before it.



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  • Steven Flores

    Driving Miss Daisy over every other film that came out in 1989 is just wrong. I’m OK w/ Slumdog Millionaire winning but The Reader shouldn’t have been nominated for Best Picture as it was only a half-good movie. Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan? The Thin Red Line should’ve won that year.

    • ryansnot

      Slumdog was easily the best film of what was otherwise a pretty boring year.

      Shakespeare in love and Driving Miss Daisy even getting a nomination is absolutely criminal.

  • baronvg

    I’m suprised you didn;t mention Dances With Wolves over Goodfellas. EVERYBODY and their grandmother complains about that one. haha!

    • Ditto, as where once again Martin Scorsese lost out to another actor making his directing debut.

  • Jesper Ström

    Good list and comments. I’ve got two more contenders: 1986 – “Out of Africa” snubbing “Witness”, “Prizzi’s honor” and “Color Purple”! Plus 1965 – “My Fair Lady” before “Dr Strangelove”! WTF?!