10 Great Indie Movies You May Have Missed

4. Punch Drunk Love

Punch Drunk Love

Barry Egan, a slightly mentally challenged man, tries to put his life back in order after meeting a striking young woman. Starring Adam Sandler in the role nobody thought he could do, Sandler pulls it off perfectly. No surprise that this is Paul Thomas Anderson’s most underrated movie, because of all the negative hype that Adam Sandler drew in, but is nevertheless an quirky, original, instant classic. Punch Drunk Love isn’t for everybody, same with alot of PT’s films (The Master), but is just a surprisingly decent film anyways.


3. Mean Creek


A young man named Clyde, who after finding out that his little brother Sam is being tormented by the school bully on a daily basis, sets out to exact revenge on the school bully. After Clyde’s friends find out that the bully, George Tooney, isn’t as bad of a guy they thought, they try to convince Clyde to leave him alone, but he won’t drop out easily. Mean Creek is a fantastic little coming of age story that you don’t want to miss. Josh Peck of Drake And Josh gives one of the finest teenager performances in recent memory as George Tooney, as do the rest. The direction is wonderful, the setting, development and everything else is just beautiful. All in all, Mean Creek doesn’t deserve to be missed, especially by anyone over age 13.