10 Horror Movies That Are Almost Scary

horror movie almost scary

There are certain movies on this list that were meant to be scarier than others, so the list will start with 10 and end with 1-from least scary to most scary. Now, before we begin, I need to explain that I love each of these movies. This is a not a negative article by any means. These movies are some of my favorite old and recent horror films. What this article is about, is the fact that each one of these movies had the potential to be absolutely terrifying, and some started off that way, but in the end, as good as these movies are, the fear factor was gone by the third act.


10. Event Horizon


Event Horizon is a great Sci-Fi/Horror film. It takes place in the year 2047, when a search and rescue team is sent to salvage the remains of the “Event Horizon”; a ship that has the capability to create artificial black-holes and use them to travel distances faster than the speed of light. 7 years prior the Event Horizon, along with its 18 crew members, disappeared while traveling beyond the outer rim of Neptune. Fast forward to 2047, the ship mysteriously returns…but from where? Hell, that’s where. The ship went to Hell.

The movie is very atmospheric, and some of the imagery is frightening to look at. Video footage found shows the Captain of the Event Horizon holding his own eyeballs in hands, having ripped them out of his head. The present day crew is trapped on the ship, having their own fears manifest physically, because the ship itself has become an entity for evil.

The things that could have been done with this movie are endless. They could have delved into the fears of each character and really played on the physiological aspect of evil. The filmmakers could’ve explored their interpretation of Hell a little more. In the end, it turns into a Sci-Fi action, survival film, and you never feel a sense of dread for the characters. It could’ve been more, but still an entertaining movie with good actors and a good script.


9. Child’s Play


This movie is about a serial killer who, to avoid death, recites and incantation that puts his soul into a toy doll. His mission is to find someone to transfer his soul into or the doll will become alive and he’ll be stuck as a 2 foot toy for the rest of his life.

Who doesn’t love Chucky? He is a serial killing, Good Guy Doll, accompanied with denim overalls and freckles. I love Child’s Play. It’s a fun movie to watch, and brad Dourif’s voice acting is awesome. But that’s precisely why it goes from scary to campy. The doll itself is creepy as all hell; the fact that it looks so innocent and cute, it why it’s scary. Those little feet scampering in the dark, the pin straight red-hair, it all works.

But the moment Chucky calls the mom a stupid bitch, I just laughed. Don’t get me wrong…it’s very cool, and very entertaining to have a foul mouthed toy running around slashing people up, but man….if they left that damned Good Guy doll voice on Chucky, while he is stabbing someone to death…telling them that he’ll be their friend til the end…I think it would’ve upped the scare factor and made the sound of little scampering feet, THAT much more creepy.